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The Structural Composition Of The Automated Production Line

2023-09-25 16:50:31

Composition and advantages of automatic production line

The automatic production line consists of five components, namely, feeding unit, processing unit, assembly component, conveying component and sub-assembly component, which are mounted on the aluminum alloy guideway table.

Conveying component mainly includes: linear moving device and workpiece picking and delivering device. The main configurations are: motor, thin cylinder, pneumatic pendulum, double-guide cylinder, pneumatic finger, travel switch and magnetic switch and other components.

The basic function of the conveyor single complete is to realize the function of accurately locating to the material table of the designated unit and grasping the workpieces on the material table, conveying the grasped workpieces to the designated place and then putting them down.

The feeding component mainly contains workpiece storage, workpiece lock and workpiece launching device, and is equipped with well type workpiece storage, linear cylinder, photoelectric sensor, positioning device.

The machining unit mainly consists of workpiece handling device and workpiece processing and is equipped with guide rails, linear cylinders, thin cylinders, and work clamping devices.

Assembly components are equipped with work storage and assembly workpiece handling device and is equipped with workpiece storage, pendulum, guide cylinder, pneumatic fingers, linear cylinder, photoelectric sensors, etc. and completes the assembly process of adding small black or white cylinders to the workpiece in the unit bin.

Split chain components have double eyelid belt conveyor line and finished product sorting components, mainly linear conveyor belt conveyor line, linear cylinders, three-phase motors, frequency converters, photoelectric sensors, fiber optic sensors.