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AirmaxVS 自动机

AirmaxVS 自动机
  • AirmaxVS 自动机

AirmaxVS 自动机

  • 产品分类:检测包装机
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AirmaxVS 自动机



AirmaxVS 自动机

AirmaxVS 自动机


主要用于 Mainly used for
        适用于:Molding 连续料带来料多合一叠PIN排插。如AirmaxVS类型产品
        Applicable to : Molding continuous material to bring in multiple tacks of PIN plugs like AirmaxVS type products.

设备介绍 Equipment introduction       
       •  第一台去电镀屑,精密冲床冲切料桥分成A、B带,再吹刷铜丝和电镀屑等。
          The first set of electroplating chips, the precision punching and punching material bridge is divided into A/B belts , and then the copper wire and electroplating chips are blown.
       •  第二台塑胶壳PU管入料,切料带组装A片,切料带组装B片,装后盖,良品激光印字等。
          The second plastic shell PU tube is fed ,the cutting strip is assembled with A piece, the cutting strip is assembled with B piece, the back cover is installed , the electric measurement is taken, and the good laser is good.Printing, etc.
       •  速度0.5秒/片,可共用多种片数 
          Speed 0.5s/pcs, share multiple pieces.

参数规格  Specifications

稼动率Utilization rate >90%开发周期 L/T60~80天 / 60~80days
良  率Yield>97%气压 Air pressure5~8Kgf/cm²
产能 Production capacity0.5s/pcs电压     VoltageAV 220V


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